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Raw Nut Butter, Organic Nut Butter

Raw Nut Butter, Organic Nut Butter

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Stone Ground, Raw Organic
Gourmet Nut Butters

Selected raw organic nuts are ground to perfection, in unique varieties not found on the typical grocery store shelf. All nut butters are stone ground at low temperatures, and maintain the living nutrients, and enzymes of the raw nuts. There is no added oil, salt, or sugar in ANY product

All Gourmet Nut Butters are made from 100% Organically Certified raw nuts. There are no artificial additives, and all raw nut butters are made fresh, in small batches. No peanuts, or equipment used to process peanuts, are used in their creation. No equipment has ever been used to process animal products, including dairy, or honey. Feeling more adventurous? Check out our Specialty Nut Butters

All organic nut butters are packaged in glass jars to preserve their purity. This assures no BPA absorption from plastics. Refrigerated is suggested for long term storage, due to the lack of additives, and preservatives.

Click on any jar for a larger image. If you'd like to see the nutritional info, a link has been provided for each product directly below it.


Almond Butter
16 oz 

Made from true unpasteurized raw almonds, imported from Italy. Unlike anything available in the US, the flavor has a very distinct amaretto finish.

Brazil Nut Butter
Out of stock

16 oz

This Selenium rich nut butter has a higher natural oil content, for a softer consistency. Enjoy the unique & delicious flavor of Brazil nuts in this butter.


Cashew Butter
16 oz

A popular peanut butter alternative. Hand cracked cashews imported from India create a mild, and slightly sweet butter. Creamy and delicious.

Coconut Butter
16 oz

Not coconut oil, but rich creamy coconut butter. Use in smoothies, baking, Thai & Indian curries, over fruit salad, on toast... This butter is versatile!


Macadamia Nut Butter
Out of stock

16 oz

Tropical, and creamy, this delicious nut butter has a healthy natural oil content, and wonderful delicate flavor. A true treat for the senses.

Pecan Butter
16 oz

The instantly recognizable natural sweetness of pecans shines through in this spread. Great in a breakfast smoothie, or as dessert!


Pistachio Butter
16 oz Out of stock
until further notice. *


A rare find, this exotic nut butter is rich, savory, and bursting with flavor. A little goes a long way with this amazing spread!

Walnut Butter
16 oz 
Out of stock

Packed with protein, this nut butter is delicious in its unique, and instantly
recognizable flavor.

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