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Raw Nut Butter, Organic Nut Butter

Raw Nut Butter, Organic Nut Butter


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Stone Ground Organic Raw Nut Butters


Discover unique, nutritious, and truly raw nut butters from Ethical Bounty. The stone grinding process used to create these nut butters insures a consistently low temperature throughout grinding, which delivers a truly raw nut butter. All of the living nutrients, and enzymes naturally found in the raw nuts are still present.
We begin with truly raw nuts: raw unpasteurized almonds from Italy, hand cracked cashews from India, and nuts from US based growers who do not heat treat their nuts above 115 degress during the shelling process. All raw nut butters are naturally crafted in small batches, with attention to detail, using no added oil, salt, or sugar.
Try the unique alternatives to traditional peanut butter, found on the Gourmet page. Raw Macadamia Butter, as well as Raw Cashew Butter, and Raw Unpasteurized Almond Butter are just a few of the choices available
For the adventurous, check the Specialty page, which holds treasures such as Raw Organic Banana Walnut Butter, or the delicious Raw Organic Pineapple Macadamia Butter. Organic dried fruit is blended to perfection, to produce a treat that cannot be found on a grocery store shelf.
Please help in our commitment to sustainable practices by recycling whenever possible, and know that your purchases are giving back in a positive way.
Explore, enjoy, and don't be afraid to go a little nutty!


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