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Raw Nut Butter, Organic Nut Butter


Raw Nut Butter, Organic Nut Butter


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Stone Ground, Raw Organic
Specialty Nut Butters

These are not your Mother's nut butters!
The fruit infused nut butters on this page transcend the ordinary,
and are not for the timid!

It's time to get nutty, and a little fruity too!!


Selected raw organic nuts, and dried organic fruits are blended carefully, to create a naturally sweet (but never too sweet) taste sensation. All nut butters are stone ground at low temperatures, and maintain the living nutrients, and enzymes of the raw nuts. There is no added oil, salt, or sugar in ANY product!

All of the outstandingly delicious Specialty Nut Butters featured here are made from 100% Organically Certified raw nuts. There are no artificial additives, and all raw nut butters are made fresh, in small batches. As with our Gourmet Nut Butters, No peanuts, or equipment used to process peanuts, are used in their creation.
No equipment has ever been used to process animal products, including dairy, or honey.

The flavors are derived from unsweetened organic dried fruit, organic maple syrup, and organic vanilla extract. They are available in smooth only.

All organic nut butters are packaged in glass jars to preserve their purity. This assures no BPA absorption from plastics. Refrigerated is suggested for long term storage, due to the lack of additives, and preservatives.

Click on any jar for a larger image. If you'd like to see the nutritional info, a link has been provided for each product directly below it.

Banana Walnut Butter
16 oz Out of stock

Dehydrated bananas blended with organic walnuts. Like freshly baked Banana Bread, but in a nut butter!

Cinnamon Raisin Cashew Butter
16 oz

Naturally sweet raisins, and spicy cinnamon are blended into creamy cashew butter for a delicious spread.


Cherry Pistachio Butter
16 oz Out of stock*

This flavor isn't just for ice cream. Tasting is believing!

Maple Pecan Butter
16 oz

Naturally sweet nuts, blended with
a touch of organic maple syrup.


Pineapple Macadamia Butter
16 oz

A taste of the tropics. Sweet pineapple, and macadamia nuts blended into a decandant, outstanding nut butter.

Vanilla Almond Butter
16 oz 

True unpasturized raw almonds
blended with creamy pure vanilla.
Smoothly delicious!


*This item will now only be available seasonally. Also, due to the shortages/unavailability of pistachios, this item remains out of stock.
I apologze for the inconvenience


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